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The Concept of Water Network

"Water" is the origin of all lives, networking every existence on the earth by transforming itself in various ways; rain, clouds, ice, river, lake, sea, etc.
"Water Network" is NGO theming "Network of Water." The purpose of our activities is to improve environment of the earth and to lead all lives on the earth safe and sound eternally. Especially, we study any aspects of water and make activities on water beyond field.
"Water Network" is to network every field of water, environment, culture, life and leisure, industry and agriculture, health and welfare, etc.

The Project "The Original Soundscape of Water"

The project of "The Original Soundscape of Water" is to think again about the precious environment and traditional culture disappearing from our daily life under the theme of "Water and Japanese traditional music."


Water Network support The 3rd World Water Forum in March 2003. Please access to the conference room "Music of Water."
As the activities leading to The 3rd World Water Forum, we, opened the conference room under the theme of "Music of Water" at the Virtual Water Forum on the web site of the 3rd World Water Forum.
We would like to invite you to join the discussions on the Virtual Water Forum. The only thing you have to do is to access to the Virtual Water Forum website and register as a participant.
Let's go for it!!